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Trending Music and Media

In today's society, the wonderful world of music is and will always be the most important elements in the entertainment world and also the most important elements in our culture.
It has also existed for many centuries, with a unique variety of artists and instruments, and in many different styles, forms, and genres. Every individual has their own taste for different styles of music, however, there are many styles that are somewhat strange, odd, weird, and different that many other individuals have to come to appreciate. These include the type of "Dangerous Music" which can literally and have been designed to make their listeners suffer from embarrassing accidents.
Mathcore is an incredibly unique, dissonant, and rhythmically complex style of metalcore. The term for mathcore literally means that it's suggested by analogy for math rock. There are many mathrock groups such as Don Caballero, Shellac, Slint, and Drive Like Jehu who have influence on the mathcore style of music. Many have said that it is difficult to describe mathcore, and can only describe it's stylevas a mixture of punk, metal, and hardcore for sure.

There is a style of music that many have come to find extremely odd, butis enjoyed and appreciated in a great way by man other music fans. Known as sci-fi discoin North America is space disco. It's a subgenre of eurodisco that first became known in the European disco scene around 1976-1977. The inspiration from space disco was created by mixing the notable work of sci-fi film directors, such as George Lucas and Stephen Spielberg, and then combining disco with it.

Trending Music and Media

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